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Allen & Bolack Excavating

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Bob Allen and Karl Bolack incorporated Allen & Bolack Excavating Ltd. in 1993. The company started small and grew exponentially with the City of Brandon, which included sewer and water for such developments as Woodlands subdivision, Southridge subdivision and the new Corral Centre at 18th & Kirkcaldy.

As the years progressed, Allen & Bolack Excavating Ltd. grew to 40 employees including full time help within the office. The company has created a firm employee base, offering many years of experience within the field of excavating.

As of April 15, 2010 the company was sold to All West Group who in turn brought on-board Garry Kaluzniak as Partner/General Manager. Bob Allen retired from the business and Karl Bolack has stayed on as an employee.

[typo_tabgroup][typo_tab title=”Services“] [typo_columns style=”typo_two-third” type=””] Allen & Bolack Excavation Ltd. offers a broad range of services:
[typo_ul style=”typo_pin”] [typo_li]Sewer/Water installation [/typo_li] [typo_li]Servicing for commercial or residential developments; servicing buildings [/typo_li] [typo_li]Excavation Basements, etc[/typo_li] [typo_li]Site development [/typo_li] [typo_li]Lot clearing, servicing and road building [/typo_li] [typo_li]Trenching Open cup trenches [/typo_li] [typo_li]Street Sweeping [/typo_li][/typo_ul] [/typo_columns] [typo_columns style=”typo_one-third” type=”last”][typo_ul style=”typo_pin”] [typo_li]Sloping of land for drainage [/typo_li] [typo_li]Lot grading [/typo_li] [typo_li]Snow removal [/typo_li] [typo_li]Commercial lot clearing & removal [/typo_li] [typo_li]Material handling [/typo_li] [typo_li]Delivery of materials from blackdirt to an assortment of gravel types [/typo_li] [typo_li]Demolition [/typo_li] [typo_li]Demolish and dispose of residential and commercial buildings [/typo_li][/typo_ul][/typo_columns][/typo_tab] [typo_tab title=”Equipment“] [typo_columns style=”typo_one-third” type=””]

List of Equipment:
[typo_ul style=”typo_pin”] [typo_li]Excavators [/typo_li] [typo_li]Wheel Loaders [/typo_li] [typo_li]D7 [/typo_li] [typo_li]D5 [/typo_li][/typo_ul] [/typo_columns] [typo_columns style=”typo_one-third” type=”last”][typo_ul style=”typo_pin”] [typo_li]Track Loader [/typo_li] [typo_li]Grader [/typo_li] [typo_li]Semis [/typo_li] [typo_li]Tandems [/typo_li] [typo_li]Street Sweeper [/typo_li][/typo_ul][/typo_columns][/typo_tab] [/typo_tabgroup][typo_clear][/typo_clear]

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